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About Us:
Backyard BBQ is an easy going group of gamers whose main goal is just to get together and have fun.  We generally meet on Saturday nights at sundown eastern time (end of Sabbath). 

Many of our games can be found on Steam ( which is a free tool that lets you download games much the same way iTunes lets you download music.  It also gives you a profile so you can chat with friends.

One of the best ways to voice chat while gaming is through Teamspeak.  The Teamspeak client is free (link) and can be customized to fit your needs (adjust volume of diff players, auto-talk vs press to talk, etc).  Let us know if you're interested and we'll give you our Teamspeak server address.

Preferred Games:
Global Agenda Free (Steam link, Official link)
Team Fortress 2 Free (Steam link)
Left 4 Dead $20 (Steam link)
Left 4 Dead 2 $20 [combo of LFD + LFD2 = $30] (Steam link)
Heat Online Free (Official link)
AVA Free (Steam link, Official link)
Anarchy Online Free (Official link)
            SERVER: Rimor
EverQuest (Project 1999) Free (Mod link)
            SERVER: "Project 1999: Ruins of Kunark"
            Two or more players behind the same internet connection will need to place
            an "IP Exemption" request with Project 1999 forums asking for both usernames
            to have access using your IP (
more info).
            Go to Project 1999 Forums.  Scroll down to "Server Issues" section
            and click "Petition / Exploit".
            Start a new thread (login required) title "IP Exemption" with type
            "IP Exemption" and explain your situation.  You do not need to know your
            IP just all the EQ usernames that will be playing behind the same internet

Future Games:
Project Copernicus (Kingdom of Amalur upcoming MMO) (link)
Guild Wars 2 (link)
Secret World (link)
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